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Find Out What People Are Saying About Mente Autism

Mente Autism is a remarkable device that has been helping many autistic children. Many parents and caregivers have attested to the notable improvements that have resulted from using this form of therapy.

The device enables children to engage with the world positively through the use of this distinct technology. Treatment with this device has had a positive effect on autistic children’s behaviour, communication skills, attention spans as well as their interactions with those in their environment.

Below is a testimonial from Fabio and Cristina in August 2016. They witnessed vast improvement in their 11-year-old son’s behavior after using Mente Autism. Their story can be read as follows:

Since we started using Mente in February 2016, we have noticed a number of behavioral changes in our son. He accepted to use Mente with very few problems, so much so that after some time he started to ask for it when he woke up. This showed us that he sees the therapy as an integral part of his rigid daily routine. We noticed that he started to draw as a means of recreation and with greater attention to descriptive detail that he never showed before. His drawings are neater and less anxious. In general, the intensity and duration of repetitive actions and moments of estrangement from reality are reduced. He is also responding, in a very positive way, to stimuli that help him to return to normality from ‘his world.’ As for his behavior, an improved attention span has enabled him to exit ‘his world’ in a shorter period of time. We have noticed changes in his sleeping habits, in that he is waking up fewer times during the night. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to try the Mente Autism system. The four drawings below are pre- and post-Mente Autism use.

This testimonial refers to the previous version of Mente.

With two-and-a-half months of usage of Mente Autism, Fabio and Cristina were happy to observe the significant changes in their son. Not only was he accepting of the device, but his refined drawings and increased attention span demonstrated his development. Additionally, his positive behaviour and lessened reclusiveness enabled him to become more engaged with his surroundings. Overall, Fabio and Cristina witnessed substantial changes in their son’s actions and demeanor.

Therapy with Mente Autism is Simple Yet Beneficial

During each 40-minute session, Mente Autism works by examining activities in the brain with the use of electroencephalogram sensors. This device records and processes brainwaves to relax the mind and encourage attentiveness. Information is recorded, stored in the headband, and transmitted to the cloud application by the user after completion of a session. The result is accessible data and as reported by many parents a child who is willing to engage with their surroundings positively.

Many individuals are realizing the benefits of Mente Autism and are trusting this device to assist their children in interacting more favourably with their surroundings and peers. Mente Autism is a safe and easy-to-use device that is facilitating positive interactions. For more information on our device, please contact us.

Neurotech’s unique mission statement “to improve the lives of people with neurological conditions” and making in home-use and clinical solutions accessible and affordable sets us apart from other neurofeedback solutions. Mente Autism is the world’s first medical device for affordable home use specifically designed to help children with ASD relax their minds which in turn helps them to focus better and engage positively with their environment. We invite you to contact us or any of our distribution partners to learn more about this groundbreaking technology.

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